The Beginning

Years ago I sought to change the course of my life, but my compass was spinning. I looked at life and found one vast, blooming confusion, and countless choices. Unfortunately, everything we choose in life is at the expense of everything else we could choose. This we define as opportunity cost. So what do I choose? To not repeat mistakes of the past, I tracked down and interrogated those choices to extract their truth, by any means, to settle my compass, and set forth to a new life.

But I deemed it equally important to interrogate myself; my beliefs and personality and behaviors that I cast upon the world, to make sure I’m not a boat without a dock. It was close.

And I tracked down the world. But I discovered that we live in two separate worlds: One, the world itself. The other, the one dwelling inside our head, the world we believe it to be. I found it essential to first analyze the state of that, my inside world, its people and realities and potential, to make sure it’s a good world, that my aspirations not otherwise fall upon stony ground.

I embarked on a journey of discovery. But in the process I also discovered you. I do not know which Starbucks you frequent, but I speak to all that is universal in you. You will find yourself on page after page.

My new discovery-adventure did not come easy. Piecing life together was like excavating dinosaur bones found sticking out of the Grand Canyon. I mounted a one-man expedition to find those bones. I estimated six months for it. Eight years later I staggered back from that expedition, dusty and tired, but I had all the pieces, enough to reassemble the entire beast.

When I finally wandered out of the canyon to a desk, I distilled my entire expedition into this book. A several-hours read for you, a three-year write for me, because my source material was an enormous natural history museum stocked with the bones I returned with.

John Taylor Ewing

 John Taylor Ewing

The Journey

Imagine will take you on that same journey. You will climb a mountain and hike wandering trails. You will journey to newfound land through postcard territory. You will do time travel, and space travel, and world travel, and uncover a major conspiracy.

You will be prospecting, and dream weaving, and measuring the height of your sky. You will beware the circling demons, discover your emotional compass, and learn of the darkest hour just before daybreak. You will experience an eerie quiet, then discover its prevailing wind.

You will make local and long distance electromagnetic connections, meet your inner savant, and your higher self, and the talking head, and Ochwiay and Sawoni. You will hike the Knife Edge to a great promontory. By journey’s-end, the vast, blooming confusion of life will be resolved.


This book also embodies my personal philosophy that I scoured from the bones. A philosophy, as I see it, is a creed, a fundamental set of beliefs of our world and its people that predicates standards of behavior and thought we ought then hold ourselves to. It is also a “discipline” as we might oft stray from it.

But my dig unearthed unforeseen results; I had to shed some conventional beliefs. It seemed I was going against the grain of society. Therefore my philosophy might be hard for some, but I must face my truth nevertheless.

By book’s-end, you too will have a philosophy. You will have it because you will not be able to escape it. You will come to many forks along the philosophy highway presented here, each calling for a decision. But at one fork in particular you will come screeching to a stop. You can only take one fork or the other. There is no middle path. That fork will call for a crucial decision that will color your world from then on.

The forks you take might come as a surprise as mine did. You might even try to ignore them, or deny them, or hide them. But once truly discovered your philosophy must be lived. Live it or suffer it.

The Universe of Good and Evil

Two winds blow across the Universe; the halcyon wind, the positive force, driving us in an upward spiral to abundance and happiness; and the wayward wind, the negative force, driving us in a downward spiral to lack and unhappiness, each competing for dominance.

So what are these forces? What starts them? How do they work? Which one is dominant in any given moment? In which direction are we going?

At the heart of the beast I discovered the answer; our personal thoughts are the two winds, the two forces, and they set our direction. We send the halcyon wind when we visualize what we want. We unleash the wayward wind when we fall into negative thinking and visualize what we do not want. Our thoughts set our compass heading and send us to our destiny. We attract what we imagine. This is the Law of Attraction

I’m dusting that law off now and presenting it to you. It is the great shortcut to accomplishment, depending on how we use it. And therein lies a concern. We can live happily ever after, depending on what we are after.

We might therefore become a student of life first before we become a student of attraction. So, dusting off the rest of the beast, let’s see what else it reveals. There are realities of life, and of ourselves, and of people, we need to understand and assimilate first before we sally forth to conquer, that we not wander into a tar pit instead.

The beast reveals that our destiny is also influenced by the collective thoughts of others, the state of the Union, other outside events and conditions, and the effects of Nature. We can cultivate our personal ecosystem, what we assemble to have a life. We have less control of our national ecosystem, and the world afar.

Hence the good and evil. We welcome the good and beware the evil. I define evil as anything that blocks our dreams—external obstacles—and our own wayward thoughts and actions—our internal obstacles. Conquering both, reaching our goals, achieving happiness, enjoying life, and resolving the word “evil”, are the subjects of this work.