John Taylor Ewing John Taylor Ewing John was born in Washington DC, then bundled back to his family’s ancient (1768) home in then-rural Timonium in Baltimore County, Maryland, a house that had already been in his family for a hundred years. Timonium took its name from the house.
It was a packed house, the north third partitioned to his grandmother Meemaw, and great grandmother Bon, and the rest to his parents, John, and five sisters and a brother. They all attended private, catholic elementary schools, taking the train every day to the town of Mount Washington in the city, John and his brother to the Mount Washington Country School, an all-boys military school. He flunked altar boy. From there he went to a prep school in the city, The Boy’s Latin School, founded in Baltimore in 1844 as a feeder school for Princeton. He majored in football, wrestling, lacrosse, and homework. Then north to Princeton for economics and lacrosse; then south to Virginia for an MBA. John Taylor Ewing John Taylor Ewing

After time in the corporate world he moved back to Baltimore and watched over Meemaw, alone in the big house since Bon had passed, and the rest had moved on. Then she passed, leaving the house empty of human warmth for the first time in 205 years.

John worked in a family oil business, the Ewing Oil Co., then moved to Florida. He lives with his wife Sharon in Ponte Vedra Beach.